How to Create Mvc Login Page in C# Asp.net Mvc


create complete mvc login system in c# asp.net mvc,video includes how to implement login page,logout button,block unauthorised request and logout redirect in mvc application.

In this mvc login tutorial for beginner, step by step approach followed in this video tutorial
– create login form with proper validation
– how to create mvc login page in c# asp.net mvc
– how to save and retrieve logged in user
– block unauthorized request in the application
– logout button implementation

login system is implemented in mvc 5 using session management system with sql server database.

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  1. I am completely new to web development. I was following the same coding instructions as shown in this video, but when i click on "Login" button, I am getting an error as shown below:

    The view 'Authorize' or its master was not found or no view engine supports the searched locations. The following locations were searched:









    Kindly help me resolve this issue? where am i going wrong?

  2. Team, one of the best tutorial for understanding MVC , but how to restrict but session are not getting abandon after logging out. I click Forward button on browser but its routing to Home Page

  3. please, Can someone help me (urgently for today) with theses problems:
    1. @model. ViewBag.Title = "Index"; (what was created in my projecct)

    vs Layout = null; (What was created in the video)


    2. @using (Html.BeginForm("Autherize", "Login12", FormMethod.Post)) does'nt find the view to activate.

    I think the Autherize view should be created, but in the vidieo he doesnt do it and it still works.


    3. Login button is displayed lefter than it should

    4. validation script jquery js files are missing.


  4. You must put <h1> Username : Session["UserName"].ToString()</h1> to the top, just put else after the if statement of the session ID == null. Because when you change the URL from Login/Index to Home/Index it will come out a error , because you redirect from URL without session.

  5. System.Data.Entity.Core.MappingException: 'The type 'Edm.Int64' of the member 'id' in the conceptual side type 'Model.user' does not match with the type 'System.Int32' of the member 'id' on the object side type 'login.Models.user'.'

    i'm facing this error in authorize acttion. can anybody solve this issue asap??

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