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Why choose the Zend Framework over other PHP Frameworks?



In this video I go over the reasons why I choose the Zend framework over the other PHP frameworks that are out there.


  1. Late to the party but I'd like to comment. Before you reinvent the wheel, so to speak, please evaluate more complete and like Zend Framework, FREE solutions such as concrete5, Joomla and Drupal.

  2. Spent about a month and a half learning Zend and I must say, I love the framework but, the documentation and support is horrible. What good is a framework, if there is little support in the community?

  3. @web51 That's a good question, I invite you to post your questions in our Killersites Forum Community, where you'll find a host of administrators and web designers/programmers who will be happy to answer all your questions and work out any problem with you. It would be great to have you join our community!

  4. I am a professional PHP web developer and I must say I completely DISAGREE with you. The ZF is frankly poorly designed, bloated, lacks good docs, and requires a learning curve equivalent to learning a language. Doesn't matter if it is the Zend Company, all biggies have lousy products and this is theirs.

    I believe every descent PHP dev is better off creating his own framework or set of tools rather than using ZF. If you want a solid framework use ASP.NET MVC instead with VS.

  5. Sadly there are no good PHP frameworks out there. I agree ZF is better than Cake, Symphony, CodeIgniter, etc but it is still not the solution. ZF requires a bunch of hacks and bad integrations to generate a working MVC solution that requires hardcoding with their strict ruleset. If a very powerful IDE was integrated with ZF the way Visual Studio is integrated with .NET it would be feasible. Unfortunately that is not the case since Zend Studio does not integrate so well with ZF.

  6. why is it that Zend is not popular here in some I.T. Companies here in our country, rather they are using lightweight frameworks like CodeIgniter based on my observation

  7. I use CakePHP for the MVC and use Zend Framework for all their other libraries. Is that wrong? I think I have the best of both worlds. I can have my "cake" and eat it too.

  8. Up to now I still don't understand why people call Zend Framework the Best framework. Seriously, can someone cite some HUGE websites that you can't do with CodeIgniter?

  9. I zend framework is greate however if I really have to pick a fault, it has to be its documentation. I'm currently looking into yii framework and it looks promising, I may try to implement this in my next project

  10. @jhjsaat WAMP is a bad idea ! Don't try that. PHP works best on Linux/Unix and was initially meant to do that. LAMP is much more stable and ideal. You can develop small home project on WAMP, but any serious work with should be with LAMP, which may include third party library and products like Apache lucene search, Sphinx, Caching etc.

  11. Hi,

    It has been three years since I posted this video and I have not looked at zend in a while … so you may be correct. I don't know. But, as far as I know, Zend is still up there with the suits … if you know what I mean.

  12. Zend sucks. It has horrible documentation and it is bloated. Your argument of your experience with ASP is not relevant in an open source environment like PHP. People were hung out to dry because the company was using a closed source technology. Other frameworks have better documentation and generally a better design. Codeigniter that you mentioned even though its old and out dated still stands up today because its got very good documentation and is easy to work with.

  13. We actually used Codeigniter on a couple of projects recently. I would like to take credit but my lead developer insisted. It seems to be working well except for some session cookie bug that's screwing up some browsers.

  14. oh thats a security setting in the config file that you can change to fix it. The result is a little less secure but with encrypted session cookies it shouldn't be a problem. Set sess_match_useragent to false. It will work at that point. That's the downside to code igniter sessions unfortunately. There are third party replacements for it though.

  15. I fucking hate zend framework. very inconvenient framework. My company web became so slow since I try it. it almost fired me in my job because of your crappy framework. Do not believe this guy who is speaking in this video. most of the web developers hate zend. (google it.) Keep support other php framework like cakephp, laravel, symphony, codeigniter, etc. No to zend framework.

  16. holy crap you talk some rubbish ..4.26 in and you still havent explained anything about zend frameworks …waste of time type person here seem to me you love the sound of your own voice

  17. You haven't changed a bit Stefan haha… ah, yeah, so as the technology evolves we will more than likely have to pivot into a new direction. This is beginning to sink in now. Was just listening to a Podcast with some real old skool apple developers, they didn't seam to think that apple are very interested in the app store any more and will eventually move onto something else. Right now I think I'll do my best to learn both Swift and JavaScript… No need to respond to these Stefan, just keeping you posted, thank you for putting yourself out there, it really helps us man!!

  18. may i know did you worked in zend 1.2 or zf2? since 9 months , i worked in zend framework 1.2 ,
    but building REST Webservices using zend is much complicated than codeigniter, do you have any easy tutorial to learn Rest Webservices in Zend framework ??

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