Monty Python – Eric the Half-a-Bee (1972)


Monty Python song from the 1972 “Monty Python’s Previous Record” album.


  1. Half a bee, a-philosophically, must ipso-facto half not-be.
    But half the bee has got to be, vis-à-vis its entity.
    But can a bee be said to be, or not to be, an entire bee,
    When half the bee is not a bee due to some ancient injury?

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  3. Here are the lyrics if anyone is interested

    Half a bee, philosophically
    Must, ipso facto, half not be
    But half the bee has got to be
    A vis-a-vis its entity, d'you see?

    But can a bee be said to be
    Or not to be an entire bee
    When half the bee is not a bee
    Due to some ancient injury?


    A laa dee dee, a one two three
    Eric, the half a bee
    A, be, see, D, E, F, G
    Eric, the half a bee

    Is this wretched demi-bee
    Half asleep upon my knee
    Some freak from a menagerie?
    No! It's Eric, the half a bee

    A fiddle de dumb, a fiddle de dee
    Eric, the half a bee
    Hoh hoh hoh, tee hee hee
    Eric, the half a bee

    I love this hive, employee
    Bisected accidentally
    One summer afternoon, by me
    I love him carnally

    He loves him carnally
    The end

    Cyril Connelly?
    No, semi-carnally
    Oh, Cyril Connelly

  4. I knew a guy named Eric – he was my boyfriend, at the time – who discovered this song, came and played it for us. Repeatedly, he played it and made us listen and told us it was his song, etc.

    Then, his best friend and I started singing it to him, a wee while later, when he came in. Now, mind you, he had told us it was his song and he had recently been complaining that no one listens to him.

    He totally freaked out. Accused us of making fun of him. Forbade us to listen to it. Destroyed the tape.

    So, we only sang it quietly to ourselves or when he wasn't around. Until his best friend found another of the same tape.

    I still love this song.

  5. If you mean to imply by the utilization of that obscure colloquialism that my sanity is not up to snuff or to deny the semi-existence of my friend Eric the Half a Bee, I shall have to make you listen to this. Take it away Eric the orchestra conductor!

  6. To say that John always maintained that he couldn't sing (or dance) this is a great performance, and suits his repressed lunacy perfectly – I don't think any of the other Pythons could have done it justice. Nice one Mr Cheese!

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