Python attacks tiger


A massive 25 ft Reticulated Python attacks a young tiger, the tiger escapes and then returns to lay down the smack…quite intense!
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“An examination of the python’s body showed that the tiger had sunk its teeth deeply and decisively into four places on its back. These wounds were responsible for its weakening and the eventual escape of the tiger.”


  1. I cannot see that the Python attacked the tiger, it was otherwise.
    The tiger was neary lost, but somehow the Python loosened the grip. After them both were tired. There was no flight of the tiger. The tiger seems me full grown, not young.
    But surely he has not technic to fight against a snake. A Jaguar does it by far more ably.

  2. the reticulated python are more inteligent ,longer and they have a enornous mouth ,but the tiger are bigger, hevier and have a mortal bite but , bow of them are great swimers and tree climbings and both have posibilities to win and with a extreme and rare decision i vote the reticulated python wins.

  3. For much extremely than i sound the reticulated Python Wins because the Python have more inteligence , more resistance , have a constriction of 10 t per m2 , they have more than 100 teeth like nails and a tail whiping with the force of a freight train .

  4. Tiger is very strong and smart if meeting any snake more often a tiger that wins as well if you meet with other strong animals, if one vs one tiger champion, though not always but tigers more often excel in the fight

  5. This tiger is so skinny, probably the people you made this video didn't feed the tiger to have the piton an opportunity to win, and even that, the tiger didn't loose, I hope this tiger eat well after this

  6. Before having access to internet,I loved Cats and co.Then thanks to their moronic,blind and shitty "fanbase"(like this comment section shows)I almost hate them,good work.

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